InQuire Media Group is the University of Kent Canterbury’s student's newspaper written on your campus, with your voice in mind.

Distributed in print format across 9 locations on the Canterbury campus and online at, InQuire is written by students, for students and we are the central hub for student and university news. We cover student news, opinion, lifestyle, entertainment, culture, science, sport, and satire as well as having departments in marketing, design and photography.

Formed in 1965, the student newspaper was originally named InCant. It remained this until 1985 when it become Kred and then InQuire in 2007. In 2008 we released our website InQuire Media, expanding our reach into the digital world.

InQuire Media is run completely by student volunteer editors who oversee and publish all content and advertising on the website. The publication provides a platform for students of the University of Kent to gain valuable experience in journalism, photography and multimedia. We also endeavour to inform and entertain our audience with quality articles, reliable information and breaking exclusives.

We work closely with the University of Kent and Kent Union to create special editions, such as Black History Month and This Kent Girl Can, and have expanded our committee to cover all student groups.

Executive & Committee

George loves spending his time leading our team of talented student journalists and creating a product that enriches the student community.


George Knight

Caitlin is the overarching Website Editor, who is in charge of the web team and design, she enjoys working on social media and writing about important student issues.

Website Editor

Caitlin Casey

Bill deals with the print edition of InQuire distributed across campus. His interests are in British politics, current affairs and cultural criticism.

Newspaper Editor

Bill Bowkett

Syan works on design throughout the publication, designing logos, website developing and creating innovative layouts.

Head Of Design

Syan Bateman

Leonie is the overarching Head of Marketing, who is in charge of the campaigns, social media and marketing strategies.

Head of Marketing

Leonie Vidal

Meg enjoys being both Social Secretary and Newspaper Sports Editor, she loves to meet people and socialise.

Social Secretary

Meg Warwick

Aslan likes to explore new and different aesthetics, contact Aslan to work on photography projects.

Head Of Photography

Aslan Ntumba


Alejandro’s writing interests are in crime, Canterbury, and campus societies news.

Website News Editor

Alejandro Javierre

Josh looks at the modern world, British Politics and any opinions about Kent University and Union. 

Website Opinion Editor

Josh West

Sabrina looks at health, fashion, music, art and literature (particularly postcolonial).

Website Lifestyle Editor

Sabrina Latchman

Emily is interested in entertainment of a wide variety - specifically films from every country and the music from the 1960s and 70s.

Website Entertainment Editor

Emily Webb-Mortimer

Hal writes criticism about contemporary popular music and films. He has a particular focus on gender theory and politics, philosophy and meaning in film.

Website Culture Editor

Hal Kitchen

Casey enjoys writing sports opinion and highlighting the achievements of those who are traditionally excluded for sporting narratives.

Website Sport Editor

Casey Magloire

Emily’s writing interests include lifestyle, beauty and relating to students. She is also passionate about the media industry.

Website Features Editor

Emily Regan

Interested in the science & technology of today? Contact Jamie to write for Science at:

Website Science & Tech Editor

Jamie Neil

Joe enjoys being able to use his dry sardonic humour to critique topics that he finds disagreeable, he has also written many sporting pieces.

Website Satire Editor

Joe Acklam

Jeanne looks at the news from all over specifically focusing on local news from UKC, Canterbury and Kent.

Newspaper News Editor

Jeanne Bigot

Lucy is interested in exploring contemporary politics and society, she is passionate about student voice.

Newspaper Opinion Editor

Lucy O'Brien

Blue loves travel, food and exploring, whether that be Canterbury or beyond.

Newspaper Lifestyle Editor

Blue Kulpa

Rory is very passionate about film and music, particularly 70s/80s horror and the modern alt-rock scene, come to Rory with band suggestions.

Newspaper Entertainment Editor

Rory Bathgate

Timea's interests revolve around subjects which explore an individual's identity through culture. Her main focus however, is on arts, books and plays.

Newspaper Culture Editor

Tímea Koppándi

Meg challenges inequalities and underrepresentation in sports as well as being part of the Women's Lacrosse team.

Newspaper Sport Editor

Meg Warwick

Ellie's main interests lie within the health, beauty and food sectors, focusing on Canterbury lifestyle.

Newspaper Features Editor

Ellie Fielding

Newspaper Science & Tech Editor is open for applications now. Interested in joining the team? Email:

Science & Tech Editor

Newspaper Science

First published in 1965, InQuire is the University of Kent student newspaper.

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