InQuire Media Group is the University of Kent Canterbury’s student's newspaper written on your campus, with your voice in mind.

Distributed in print format across 9 locations on the Canterbury campus and online at, InQuire is written by students, for students and we are the central hub for student and university news. We cover student news, opinion, lifestyle, entertainment, culture, science, sport, and satire as well as having departments in marketing, design and photography.

Formed in 1965, the student newspaper was originally named InCant. It remained this until 1985 when it become Kred and then InQuire in 2007. In 2008 we released our website InQuire Media, expanding our reach into the digital world.

InQuire Media is run completely by student volunteer editors who oversee and publish all content and advertising on the website. The publication provides a platform for students of the University of Kent to gain valuable experience in journalism, photography and multimedia. We also endeavour to inform and entertain our audience with quality articles, reliable information and breaking exclusives.

We work closely with the University of Kent and Kent Union to create special editions, such as Black History Month and This Kent Girl Can, and have expanded our committee to cover all student groups.

Executive & Committee


Tímea Koppándi


Tímea is leading the entire InQuire Media Team. Her passions revolve around culture, arts and people.


Emily Webb-Mortimer

Website Editor

Emily is the overarching Website Editor, who is in charge of the web team and design, she enjoys the weird and wonderful especially when it comes to cinema, literature and people.


Rory Bathgate

Newspaper Editor

Rory deals with the print edition of InQuire distributed across campus. He loves political satire, tinkering in Photoshop and horror cinema.


Armaan Latif

Head Of Design

Armaan likes superheroes, movies and doodling. He dislikes oppression along with its agents, and pigeons.


Sabrina Lachtman

Head of Marketing

Sabrina is the overarching Head of Marketing, who is in charge of the campaigns, social media and marketing strategies.


Katinka Pim

Social Secretary

Katinka is in charge of organising and hosting the society's socials and gatherings


Ainy Shiyam

Head Of Photography

Ainy is a first year Law student. She pursues photography as a hobby. And she may look all calm and collected but she's always stressing about the next assignment.



Alejandro Javierre

Website News Editor

Alejandro’s writing interests are in crime, Canterbury, and campus societies news.


Claudia Sofia

Website Opinion Editor

Claudia is interested in bringing a more philosophical, introspective and socially critical approach to Opinion, examining the peculiarities of life as a UKC student from a human perspective. 

Katie Daly

Website Lifestyle Editor

Katie is passionate about makeup, skincare and fashion. She loves reviewing products, writing style pieces and creating makeup looks on a student budget!


Yoan Dzhugdanov

Website Entertainment Editor

Final year English and American Literature and Film student.

Yoan is with InQuire as he enjoys writing about the latest headline and developing projects in the entertainment industry. he is interested in a variety of films and music mostly rock and metal


Morgan Rodway-Wing

Website Culture Editor

Morgan is interested in contemporary culture, and how literature/art can intersect to explore political issues.


Jaden Shepherd

Website Sport Editor

If you are interested in writing for sport, please contact Jaden at:


Emily Regan

Website Features Editor

Emily is a second year Media Studies student. She joined InQuire in September 2019 and is interested in fashion, music, film, TV, media and of course
features articles.


Jamie Neil

Website Science & Tech Editor

Interested in the science & technology of today? Contact Jamie to write for Science at:


Tahmid Morshed

Website Satire Editor

If you want to write for Satire, please contact Tahmid at:


Tarini Tiwari

Newspaper News Editor

Tarini is fascinated by current events which drew her to write for News last year. She is a fan of watching and participating in theatre, is bilingual  and loves to sing. InQuire was a space to try out journalism and writing outside of her course at university but it has become her family.


Lucy O'Brien

Newspaper Opinion Editor

Lucy’s interests lie in the construction of the social political world around us and how this directly affects our generation. Her more specific focuses revolve around inequality, diversity and Feminism.

Blue Kulpa

Newspaper Lifestyle Editor

Blue loves travel, food and exploring, whether that be Canterbury or beyond.

Jake Yates-Hart

Newspaper Entertainment Editor

Jake is a third year cultural studies and journalism student. Jake is interested in everything to do with entertainment and hopes to work for Empire magazine. He particularly enjoys sci-fi and fantasy shows.


Kristianna Engbrecht

Newspaper Culture Editor

If you are interested in writing for culture, please contact Kristianna at:


Joe Acklam

Newspaper Sport Editor

If you are interested in writing for sport, please contact Joe at:


Samuel Watson

Newspaper Features Editor

If you are interested in writing a feature article please contact Samuel at:


Ben Mott

Science & Tech Editor

Ben's interests are in environmental and social justice. He seeks to introduce a greener voice to the InQuire team through the Science and Tech section, focusing on developments in the fight against the climate and ecological crises - and the harsh realities they bring.


Aeden Hunter

Newspaper Satire Editor

If you would like to write for Satire, contact Aeden at:


Tom Nice

News Correspondent

Tom is a third-year studying Politics and International relations. His passions include environmentalism, the systems of governance around the world, and the actions of everyday people within those systems.


Daniel Esson

Opinion Correspondent

Daniel is a third year politics student. He works with the opinion section, he enjoys writing about his own views, and hearing other people’s.


Olivia Tulett

Lifestyle Correspondent

Olivia has a passion for  articles on beauty, fashion and drinks with fancy names. She loves to write honest reviews  and hopes to inspire the next generation of lifestyle writers. She loves to produce articles on the newest trends, all on a student friendly budget.


Evie Goodwin

Evie is passionate about Canterbury and recommending ways to get the most out of student life in the city.

Lifestyle Correspondent


Jena Jade Butler

Entertainment Correspondent

Jena is currently studying her MA Creative Writing in Canterbury but will soon be joining the Paris campus. Her interests include fitness, food, reading and working on her Instagram blog


Ed Streatfield

Entertainment Correspondent

Ed Streatfield, a Second Year Sociology and Politics student, joined Inquire due to his love of film and film criticism. He believes that humanistic emotional criticism can make any form of art accessible to all.

Juliette Moisan

Culture Correspondent

Juliette is a second year Political Science student from France. Her interests revolve around art and culture, and the way in which they help shape the world we live in.

Eleanor Summers

Culture Correspondent

Eleanor is a second year English and America Literature student who loves to explore different cultures, which goes hand in hand with her passion for travel.

Eleanor Richards

Senior Photographer

Eleanor is the senior photographer for InQuire. She and Ainy Shiyam make up the permanent photography team.

InQuire Executive Team
InQuire Executive Team

Website Team
Website Team

Sub-Editorial Team
Sub-Editorial Team

InQuire Executive Team
InQuire Executive Team