InQuire Alumni

InQuire Editorial Team 2019 - 2020


Editor-in-Chief - George Knight
Executive Website Editor - Caitlin Casey
Executive Newspaper Editor - Bill Bowkett

Head of Photography - Aslan Ntumba Ozer

Head of Marketing - Leonie Vidal
Head of Design - Syan Bateman

Social Secretary - Megan Warwick 

Editorial Team

Website News Editor -Alejandro Javierre

Newspaper News Editor - Jeanne Bigot

Website Opinion Editor - Josh West

Newspaper Opinion Editor - Lucy O'Brien

Website Lifestyle Editor - Sabrina Latchman

Newspaper Lifestyle Editor - Blue Kulpa

Website Entertainment Editor - Emily Webb-Mortimer

Newspaper Entertainment Editor - Rory Bathgate

Website Culture Editor -  Hal Kitchen

Newspaper Culture Editor - Timea Koppandi

Website Features Editor - Emily Regan

Newspaper Features Editor -  Ellie Fielding

Website Sport Editor - Casey Magloire

Newspaper Sport Editor - Megan Warwick

Website Science & Tech Editor - Jamie Neil

Website Satire Editor - Joe Acklam

Website Design - Caitlin Casey and Syan Bateman

Social Media Co-ordinator - Claudia Parker

InQuire Editorial Team 2017 - 2018

InQuire Editorial Team 2018 - 2019

Editor in Chief - Molly Hope
Executive Website Editor - Daria Istayeva
Executive Newspaper Editor - Jesse Bedayn 

Head of Photography - Emily Heath

Head of Marketing - George Knight
Head of Design - Syan Bateman

Social Secretary - Megan Warwick 

Website News Editor - Jordan Ifield

Newspaper News Editor - Bill Bowkett

Website Opinion Editor - Matt Nuttall

Newspaper Opinion Editor - Maisie Koeun Lee

Website Lifestyle Editor - Sabrina Latchman

Newspaper Lifestyle Editor - Katinka Pim

Website Entertainment Editor - Matylda Makowska

Newspaper Entertainment Editor - Emmanuel Omodeinde

Website Culture Editor -  Shani Thomas

Newspaper Culture Editor - Maryah Chughtai

Website Features Editor - Ellie Fielding

Newspaper Features Editor -  Corben Neyland

Website Sport Editor - Megan Warwick

Newspaper Sport Editor - Kiro Evans

Website Science & Tech Editor - Emma Leach

Newspaper Science & Tech Editor - Emma Leach

New Website Design and Development - Daria Istayeva and Bill Bowkett

Editor in Chief - Kiran Saggu
Executive Website Editor - Sunny Singh
Executive Newspaper Editor - Jasper Gilardi

Website News Editor - Bill Bowkett

Newspaper News Editor - Grace Pocock

Website Opinion Editor - Maisie Koeun Lee

Newspaper Opinion Editor - Jesse Bedayn

Website Lifestyle Editor - Victoria Rees

Newspaper Lifestyle Editor - Isabelle Dray-Sharma

Website Entertainment Editor - Georgia Dack

Newspaper Entertainment Editor - Connie Enzler

Website Culture Editor -  Sara Kilian

Newspaper Culture Editor - Molly Hope

Website Sport Editor - Caitlin Casey

Newspaper Sport Editor - James Bayliss

Head of Photography - Alice Bezant
- Saga Radh

Distribution - Alicia Sanctuary

InQuire Editorial Team 2016 - 2017

Executive Website Editor - Max Beckett
Executive Newspaper Editor - Camille Lalancette 

Website News Editor - Wesley Triffitt

Newspaper News Editor - Daria Istayeva

Website Opinion Editor - Alex Miller

Newspaper Opinion Editor - Sunny Singh

Website Lifestyle Editor - Saga Radh

Newspaper Lifestyle Editor - Manon Charles

Website Entertainment Editor - Katherine Payne

Newspaper Entertainment Editor - Bryony Jewell

Newspaper Culture Editor - Eleanor Weaver

Website Sport Editor - Jack Hsuan

Newspaper Sport Editor - Karisma Indra

Head of Photography - Rylie Trott
- Ellesse Cook

Distribution - Chloe Burke

InQuire Editorial Team 2015 - 2016

Editor in Chief - Natalie Tipping

Executive Website Editor - Max Beckett
Executive Newspaper Editor - Ruby Lyle 

Website News Editor - Matthew Seary

Newspaper News Editor - Lauren Sullivan

Website Comment Editor - Otto Ilveskero

Newspaper Comment Editor - Maddy Dunn

Website Features Editor - Saga Radh

Newspaper Features Editor -  Jessica Duncan

Website Entertainment Editor - Zaib Nasir

Newspaper Entertainment Editor - Bethan Stoneman

Website Culture Editor - Julia Mitchell
Newspaper Culture Editor 
- Claire Still

Website Sport Editor - Patrick Kamula

Newspaper Sport Editor - Amber Murphy

Head of Photography - Connor Murphy
- Nick Gardener

Distribution - Fraser Whieldon

InQuire Editorial Team 2014 - 2015

Chairwoman- Natalie Tipping

Executive Website Editor - Emily Adams
Executive Newspaper Editor - Emma Shelton

Website News Editor - Sarah Osborne

Newspaper News Editor - Ruby Lyle

Website Comment Editor - Dave Cocozza

Newspaper Comment Editor - Alice Bryant

Website Features Editor - Cerys Thomas

Newspaper Features Editor -  Katyanna Quach

Website Entertainment Editor - Grace Beard

Newspaper Entertainment Editor - Meg Weal

Website Culture Editor - Natalie Turco-Williams
Newspaper Culture Editor 
- Julia Mitchell

Website Sport Editor - Henry Sandercok

Newspaper Sport Editor - Dan English

Head of Design - Tina Stavarianou
- LaShanda Seaman

Distribution - Irene Antoniou

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