February 12, 2019

"We lost last year, but only just, so even more determined for a clear win this year" - Selina Stroud

As a much anticipated Varsity draw close, Trampolining are excited to battle CCCU for the winning title. Although they do not compete in BUCS, trampolining have had a v...

February 12, 2019

The interview kicks off with three of the Men’s Lacrosse committee members. Alex Stewart, President of the club and plays in defense on the pitch. Patrick Ward, Social Secretary and is goalkeeper for the team. And finally, Tom Nixon, the development coordinator who pla...

February 11, 2019

Varsity is not just for sports teams. It’s for everyone, whether you’re competing or supporting. The event has been extended out to more societies, with Dance and Pole Fitness now competing. E-Varsity has also begun, which is hoping to be included next year into the Va...

February 10, 2019

"We both have whole new teams this year so could be anyone's game" - Kaylea Mavromits (President)

After defeat in previous years, Women's Rugby are ready and set to go for an enthusiastic game this year. With new players on both teams, this could be an interesting match...

February 10, 2019

"I don't believe in talking bad about the opposing team - it takes the fun and enjoyment out of the atmosphere" - Ina Stagrum Bach (Vice-Captain)

Equestrian is one of the overlooked sports at Kent due to not competing in BUCS or having a ball based sport that has a clea...

February 10, 2019

"We have an eight year streak against CCCU, so we are feeling confident" - Alex Stewart (President)

They may be on top form for fundraising, but can Men's Lacrosse win as well as they can get students to cough up the cash? With a seven year streak of wins, it's looking...

February 10, 2019

"We are high spirit and up for friendly competition but, honestly, we’re in it to win it." - Cassandra Png (Captain)

As one of the only two undefeated BUCS teams at UKC for term one, Women's Volleyball are feeling good about Varsity. Sadly, a recent loss on their Wednes...

February 10, 2019

"So we’re hoping, and expecting, to have 4/4 wins this year" - Alex Straw (President)

As one of the most compeititive female sports in the U.K, Netball are ready feeling feverish for Varsity. And I don't mean it in a bad way. They've trained long and hard, smashed a lot...

February 10, 2019

"Unlike our opposition, we hold ourselves under pressure" - Brewster Surridge (Chairman)

After training hard this year for the anticipated event, Men's Cricket have been training to win. There's been improvement in the team this year, according to the captain. After a d...

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