February 22, 2019

Varsity is finally over for another year. With University of Kent beating Christ Church 30-10, InQuire has complied a breakdown of the matches complete with the overall winner and scores. If you missed out on Varsity, do not fear because we have it all here!

American Fo...

February 22, 2019

Canterbury Christ Church scored eight tries in a convincing win beating the University of Kent 52-8 in a thrilling Varsity Women’s Rugby Match played at Canterbury Rugby Football Club’s ground.

This match was destined to be one sided from the very off, with CCCU two BUC...

February 22, 2019

Stable, bold, and dazzling. UKC Trampolining in their elegant velvet uniforms have soared high up into the air securing wins for all of the divisions in this year’s Varsity against CCCU. Showing off their splendid tricks and captivating moves in the air, participants f...

February 22, 2019

Photography by Marianne Martin and Syan Bateman

On Saturday, Equestrian competed for best horse-riding in both dressage and jumping. It was held in Trenley Park, a distance outside Canterbury, with the sun making it a beautiful sunny day.

Riders were nervous and full of...

Photography by Cassandra Barnard (Photographer)

"From a steady scrum, the backs used the platform to run their lines at Christ Church."

Rugby 2s and 3s Varsity

By Ben Lovell-Smith

On a sunny February afternoon, the expectation was brewing for the opening match of Men’s Rug...

February 21, 2019

Photo by Clara S-izquierdo (Photographer)

There’s so many reasons to be proud of our Kent Teams in Varsity. Dedication, fellowship, physical and mental strength. Those are the best words to describe our teams. UKC Tennis is one of the teams that has the spirit and has n...

Photograph by Oliver Trapnell (Photographer)

UKC Hockey put Christ Church to bed with four wins on the dot, achieving a feat that hasn’t been repeated for 10 years until now.

The event started with the UKC’s 2 nd XI against Christ church. Despite their good league form t...

Photography by Violeta Ivanova

It was a mad day for Men's Football with two wins and a disappointing loss, meaning they won 3/4 of their overall matches, a pleasing overall victory. CCCU may have won the battle, but UKC won the war.

Men’s Football 4ths- Inter-college lea...

February 18, 2019

Photography by Marianne Martin

The UKC Women’s Basketball Varsity match, on 17 February, was perhaps the most thrilling match of Varsity 2019.  The game was neck and neck over the four quarters, making it to 52 to 52 in the last 10 seconds—leaving only .2 seconds, at th...

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