January 24, 2020

Image courtesy of: Emily Heath 

Students living on campus will see free gym memberships in the near future, a Union Vice President has announced.

Kent Union’s Vice President Student Engagement, Emily Window, took to Facebook on the 25th of December to announce that all s...

September 3, 2019

Yasmin Benaleten, 22, competed in her first bodybuilding event, the UKBFF Kent Klassics in Gravesend on Sunday, 25th August. She has been cutting for the competition since 16th May of this year (2019). The 22 year old has studied at the University of Kent for 4 years a...

September 10, 2018

Welcome to Sports Spotlight. Every week, as InQuire’s Website Sports Editor, I will be taking on a new sporting activity for the benefit of those interested in diving into something to get fit. Or those just wanting some ideas. These articles will be posted every weeke...

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