December 10, 2019

Image Courtesy of InQuire Photography | Aslan Ntumba Ozer

The University of Kent’s students have beaten their previous fundraising records by raising £18,661 for Movember. 

Students and societies from across the campus have concluded their fundraising for the 2019 Movemb...

November 29, 2019

Image courtesy of Wix

Over the past several weeks, I have spoken with four individuals who have undergone and seen the struggles of feeling emasculated. The world is filled with men who feel they cannot speak out about sexual assault, mental health or, simply, sadness....

November 27, 2019

Image courtesy of Wix 

During the month of November, those of us capable of growing a moustache will attempt to add some warmth to our faces in aid of raising money for Movember. Allow me to propose a scenario: you’re talking to a friend of yours and they’re like, “hey,...

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