March 8, 2020

 Photo courtesy of Inquire Media 

Team Kent dgeominated in the pool as they took home an 85-51 victory against Canterbury Christ Church, to take home all 3 available Varsity points on the final day of the competition. A Kent swimmer finished in first place in every...

March 6, 2020

Photo courtesy of Canterbury Varsity 

Be honest, when you think of sports you probably don’t picture video games. Outside of fitness games, most are played sitting at a keyboard or with a controller, with the only thing moving being the players fingers. But e-sports are...

March 5, 2020

Image courtesy of Inquire Media 

The UKC Women’s 1’s held nothing back in the beginning. They were out with the first push back, and Number 2, Ellie Benson, and Number 14, Rebecca Ellis, worked well to help the ball superb block by Number 42,  Captain Caitlin Merison, s...

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