February 8, 2019

 Image credit: Con Karampelas | Unsplash

Apple flexed their technological muscles last week and revoked enterprise certificates for Facebook and Google. The revocation came about after an investigation carried out by TechCrunch found that Facebook had been using the ent...

January 25, 2019

 Photo by: Jeshoots-com | Pixabay

The conservation of any species depends heavily on knowing where it lives in the wild. This allows measures to be taken to preserve the appropriate habitats and helps to fine-tune monitoring efforts. This data is readily available for l...

November 26, 2018

Photo credit: Jaguar MENA | Flickr

Last year, Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg set a new top speed benchmark when their Agera RS model reached a staggering 277.87mph two-way average speed on a stretch of closed public road in the USA. It is officially the fastest produ...

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