November 29, 2019

Image courtesy of Kent Sport | Facebook

After spending a year studying in America, I realised how different the two systems are. There were some things that lived up to the clichés. For instance, every party I went to somehow ended with a dance battle. Although I did no...

October 3, 2019

Image by Alice Tomlinson

Memories I will remember fondly from my week-long holiday to New York will be the ones where I got to know the city, not the ones where I queued in hour lines to get a glimpse of a popular sight.

I will remember when my boyfriend and I accidenta...

February 8, 2019

Image credit: tiburi | Pixabay

For more than a month, the news has been dominated by the longest USA government shutdown in history. What sparked the shutdown was the lack of funding for Trump's border wall with Mexico, one of his signature campaign pledges. The main re...

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