Gulbenkian Uncovered have organised yet another fantastic film event as a part of its new series called Flicks ‘n’ Chill. The special Halloween event invites all students (over 18) for a night of horror in the woods (note: it is a secret location) with the screening of the cult classic, The Wicker Man. A good opportunity to celebrate great British cinema.

The film unfolds on the eerie and isolated fictional Summerisle, Scotland; Sergeant Howie investigates the case of a missing girl, who apparently never existed according to the townsfolk. The amalgamation of a creepy plot and setting will generate the perfect atmosphere of uneasiness.

Apart from seeing the film on the big screen (especially if someone will be seeing it for the first time), we should be equally excited for the actual location as it seems to have been neatly orchestrated to ‘create the atmosphere of the film itself’. Watching the Wicker Man in this context is set to be an experience; an interesting variation on an ordinary trip to the cinema. Imogen Dodds, an organiser for the event, maintained the secrecy around the location, only revealing that on the night

You will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, and since it is in the middle of the woods you don’t have to worry about any pollution noise. However when you hear a random twig snap for no reason it will make you jump, all something that will suit a horror film perfectly though!

After the success of Flicks ‘n’ Chill’s Jurassic Park earlier this term when 350-plus people turned up (to, appropriately, see dinosaurs come to life on a 9ft screen), expectations are high for this event, too, with many tickets already sold. It is absolutely an event not to be missed; it may be reassuring to let people know that hot drinks will be available to counter the October cold (but do bring warm jumpers).

For more information and to buy tickets for The Wicker Man, on 31 October at 5.30 PM: https://www.facebook.com/events/120622238610575/

To get involved, students can pitch their ideas about what they would like to see happen at the Gulbenkian; come to a meeting on Monday 30 October at 5-6 PM at the Gulbenkian.

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