February 8, 2018

It’s a new year, and a new you. One way to embrace your new outlook is to shake up your environment. Why not spruce up your room at university?

What with first term being over, getting back into the swing of things can be difficult, but creating a space around you that is comfortable and serene will help your concentration. Using the latest interior design trends as inspiration, here is how you can transport the most fashionable styles into the comfort of your bedroom.

Scandinavian design has been around for a while, but putting a cool twist on it can update the look. A modern Scandi look can be created by using metallics like brass or rose gold in decorations around your room, which also adds sophistication. Another trademark of Scandinavian design is having tech-free spaces. Obviously, laptops and lamps get in the way of this being practical, but hiding wires and chargers helps to make your space feel clean.

Another new popular interior design style is colour blocking. This look is easy to create, simply buy new bedsheets and posters in a bold colour which packs a punch. Unfortunately a lot of the time nothing can be done about student accommodation curtains, but one way you can keep uniformity is to book flip: turn your books’ spines inward to prevent multi-coloured bookshelves and create a cohesive look – although finding your books may prove difficult!

The inside/outside trend has experienced a renaissance within the past few years. As well as bringing a pop of colour, having plants in your room increases oxygen flow and generally boosts mood. Weeping figs are particularly great for bedrooms as they remove toxins from the air. However, if you can barely look after yourself at university, let alone another living organism, succulents make great substitutes as they only require watering every few weeks. If even this is too much maintenance to keep up with, leaf patterns on cushions or ornaments can still bring the outside in.

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