It’s that time of year again: there are hearts everywhere, the fancy chocolate boxes have gone up in price, and everywhere you look, there are cards talking about how great someone’s significant other is. That’s all well and good, but especially if you aren’t with someone, Valentine’s Day can feel a bit, well, meh. But far from being a day that only celebrates romantic love, you can also celebrate platonic love. Here are just a few ideas for ‘Palentine’s Day’ gifts for your best friends.

Their favourite chocolate: unsurprisingly, this one is pretty universal; chocolate is both romantic and platonic! If it’s their favourite, you have the added bonus of “hey, look how well I know you”. But remember: not a good idea if they don’t like chocolate, or have given it up for New Year’s or lent.

Tickets to a film they’ve been wanting to see: again, this could go either way, but it’s especially meaningful if you haven’t seen your BFF in a while as you’ll get to spend some quality time together.

A bath bomb from Lush: who doesn’t love Lush nowadays? This gift let’s your friend know they deserve to be pampered. Plus, having a bath with glitter in it is kind of incredible, let’s be honest!

Jar of days out: this is again a great idea if you don’t see your friends as often as you’d like. Wash out an old jam jar and fill it with things you’ve been meaning to do together for God knows how long. It’s a fun way of making sure you see each other more often than normal – and it’s got the added thrill of feeling like a lucky dip!

Yourself: it sounds incredibly cheesy, but you are the best gift your friend can get!

Happy Palentines, everyone!