Election 2018: What is happening and Where?

With Kent Union Leadership Elections just around the corner, here is what will be happening across University over the next few weeks:

22nd January – Nominations Open At 12pm, nominations for leadership positions opened, with students able to nominate themselves via the Union website.

12th February – Nominations Close This is the point where nominations are no longer open, with those that have nominated themselves being the candidates to go forward in the process.

12th-15th February – Candidate Bootcamp This bootcamp will be available to all the candidates, teaching them about manifesto writing, budgeting and other areas important to running an effective election campaign.

21st February – Meet the Press An opportunity for the candidates to meet the the student news networks, including CSR, KTV and InQuire. It is also an opportunity for candidates to get some preliminary public awareness. 1-3pm, Student Media Centre.

23rd February – Manifesto Deadline The deadline for candidates to submit their campaign manifestos.

26th February-4th March – Online Campaigning Week Online Campaigning Week is an opportunity for candidates to campaign and spread their message to students via different media platforms, in order for them to gain electoral support.

Debates In this stage of the election, candidates will go head-to-head in a live debate in front of a live studio audience. The debates will also be streamed live on KTV and broadcasted on CSR.

-Monday 26th Feb – VP Education and VP Activities debates, 6-9pm, The Pavillion

-Tuesday 27th Feb – VP Welfare and VP Sport debates, 6-9pm, The Mezzanine, Student Hub, Medway

-Thursday 1st March – Presidential debates, 6-9pm, Mungos

5th-9th March – Voting Week Voting opens, giving students 5 days to cast their votes at Venue.

9th March – Results Night The final results will be announced from 6pm onwards at Venue. Anyone attending will need a student ID.

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