Election 2018: Candidates Announced

February 14, 2018

On Monday February 12, The official candidates for this year’s Kent Union Election were announced on the Union’s Facebook page.


Notable names running for committee roles include Aaron Thompson (current Vice-President for Activities) who is running for President and Stewart Lidbetter (current Vice-President for Education) seeking a second term in office as Vice-President for Education.


You can find out what the candidates will be participating in this election and how you can get involved here: http://www.inquirelive.co.uk/uncategorized/election-2018-happening/


Voting will open March 5.


The candidates running for committee roles in this years Kent Union Elections are as followed:




Aaron Thompson

Rowena Bicknell

Jordan Crompton




Kesiena Oghoghoire

Nadia McMillan

Emily Window

Erin Fitt-Boyland




Becky Baily

Stuart Lidbetter

James Burns




Jake Pitt

Omolade Elizabeth Adedapo

Abiee Harris

Anna Mears




Sasha Langveldt

Beth Matthews

Kristian Devito

Douglas Carr

Emily Keast

Megan Hewitt

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