It is coming home, just not this year

The verdict is in and England have been booted out of the World Cup. The devastation has rung throughout the country as Croatia scored a last minute goal in extra time, and England supporters were left feeling heartbroken. If only it had gone to penalties, we might have had a chance after our last penalty glory.

To begin with, it was looking hopeful for England when Trippier scored a penalty shot five minutes into the beginning of the game. The fans went wild, and England had made them proud. The game continued, no more goals being scored within the first half. There were a couple of attempts from Kane as the ball stayed firmly down England’s end.

However, the second half took a turn for the worst when there was a lack of England defence by the goal and Perisic snuck in a goal for Croatia. The match became far tenser in a fight for the winning goal, but neither goals were victorious so the game ran into extra time. Ten minutes had past and it looked like it was going to penalties, which England had destroyed in their last match against Colombia. However, the team were not fortunate as Croatia’s Mandzukic scored a victory goal for the team.

There were tears. There was shouting. Swearing. And a whole lot of disappointment as England fans felt let down again.

In a post-game interview, Harry Kane was reported stating ‘it was a 50/50 game, a tough game and I’m sure there were things that we could have done better we worked as hard as we could. It’s gonna hurt for a while of course, but we can hold our heads high and we’ve come further then anyone thought we could.”

It’s not the end of the line for the England team, there’s still the third-place match to play against Belgium. Although they previously beat us, some of the best players were off the pitch so it is still anyone’s game.