Avenue Q – more like Avenue Woohoo! –

After spending a week in the lively city New York, there was no questioning the decision to go a see a live show. It was a toss-up between Chicago (a classic), or an unheard-of show, called Avenue Q. We took a stab in the dark and decided to go down the avenue route, and it did not disappoint.

Lucky enough for us, the creators behind such comedic gold performances will be showing their production at the Marlowe early next year. It is created by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez and they guarantee a fun-filled, mischievous, and massively entertaining show.

The timeless musical tells the story of a recent graduate called Princeton, who has just moved to the shabbier side of New York City and is living in a small apartment on Avenue Q. It is his first time being exposed to the real world outside of his bubble and there is an immediate sense that he has absolutely no idea as to what he will do now. Relatable right? The new town and people come as a shock to Princeton, however, he quickly begins to realise that there is more to his neighbours than what he might have initially thought. Throughout his journey of self-exploration and coming to terms with balancing his ideal world and realistic world, he meets a wide range of friends—there is an adorable girl, a Japanese fiancé, a porn obsessed monster, Gary Coleman, and many more.

It is both an autobiographical and biographical coming-of-age parable, which cleverly addresses interesting and current topics that many people often find taboo. The characters face adult-life situations, representing the anxieties and issues attached to the transition period between a child and adult. Nonetheless, they ironically are acted through puppets—yes, puppets—and visually resemble the characters in the classic childhood series, Sesame Street. Together, Princeton and his new group of friends help each other navigate their way through young adult life. Their struggles of finding jobs, getting dates, and re-finding their identities in the real world, provide some major laughing-crying moments and even bring back old memories, awkward encounters and experiences that we can all relate to.

Incredibly funny and entertaining performance which is filled with plenty of catchy scores and a cast that you cannot help but fall in love with. Although the show does address certain adult content that a few people may feel uncomfortable with, it resembles a childhood show and simply teaches that it is not on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts most.

For more details head over to https://marlowetheatre.com/shows/avenue-q/ for more information regarding dates, times, prices and performance durations.