Avril Lavinge Returns After 5 Years

September 27, 2018


In recently weeks Avril Lavigne has made a return with her new single in 5 years ‘Head Above Water’ which takes a very dramatic yet calming and emotional approach. Days before the whole song was released, a 20-second preview was teased on Avril’s Twitter account and that 20-second snippet was enough to tell that ‘Head Above Water’ was going to be an emotionally stunning song.


‘Head above water’ focuses on the subject of needing someone you love and keeping strong when times get tough, using the sea as a reference for the vast majority of the song’s lyrics, accompanied with an orchestral music background. This is not the first time Avril Lavigne has released orchestral style songs but the sudden contrast of soothing to high impact tone in this music perfectly sums up the overwhelming need for someone to hold on to in tough times. With continuous reference to the sea, ‘Head Above Water’ perfectly defines how overwhelming the challenges life throws at us are sometimes, as with how soothing yet aggressive the world’s oceans can behave as a comparison throughout the single.


Not only is the new single a spectacular return from Avril Lavigne, but it should have everyone excited for what else is yet to come. We may see more of Avril’s extensive history of energetic pop-rock making a return but ‘Head Above Water’ is simply a phenomenal comeback and truly deserves a place in the music charts.




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