Sport Spotlight: Archery

Next up for Sports Spotlight is… Archery

Kiro spoke with Arjun Liddar, President of UKC, who gave us the details on his favourite Sport.

Q. How would you describe your sport/activity?

Archery is a unique and fun sport that offers a lot. From hitting the gold in target archery to shooting 3D Targets in forests, there’s ALWAYS something new to try out. There is also a variety of bow types to choose from and each kind of bow, whether its longbow, recurve or compound, have their own charms to them.

Q. Why should I get involved in Archery? What’s unique about it?

The beauty of archery it is amongst the most inclusive of sports. You have Paralympians shooting alongside able-bodied Olympians, me alongside women and at UKCA we encourage people of all backgrounds and abilities to give it a shot. It’s definitely a sport for anybody and this inclusivity is the reason why I’m addicted to it. Archery is unlike many sports as there is a large emphasis on You vs Yourself, you’re constantly trying to protect your own form, competing against your own previous scores, and reflecting on how to improve next time around without each other people’s scores and performances affecting yours.

Q. What are socials like?

Socials are a large aspect of our club and we try to keep them as inclusive as the sport is. We run socials every week and alternate between socials that appeal to people who love a night out such as a bar crawl and venue nights, and we run non-alcoholic socials such as laser tag, karaoke nights and games nights.

Q. How can freshers get involved?

In the first few weeks of term, we will be running several free tasters where anyone can have a go and try something new! Alongside these, we will be running socials to get to know everyone.

Rating out of 10:

10/10 – whether you’re just wanting to fling sticks at targets or compete seriously at regional competitions and BUCS, there’s something for everyone at UKCA.

Make sure to try out Archery! Who doesn’t love a good bow and arrow?