Sports Spotlight: Caving

Welcome to Sports Spotlight. Every week, InQuire will be taking on a new sporting activity for the benefit of those interested in diving into something to get fit. Or those just wanting some ideas. These articles will be posted every weekend, with the lowdown on how to make the most out of the weekly chosen sport and many top tips on how to be a pro.

Next up for Sports Spotlight is… Caving

Kiro spoke with John Taylor, the UKC Caving President, and Training/Safety Officer.

How would you describe your sport/activity?

Deep, wet and dirty. By that, I mean that we combine crawling, climbing and squeezing to make our way through underground passages deep beneath the UK.

Why should I get involved?

What’s unique about it? Participants will explore beautiful passages rarely seen by the general public whilst having the chance to push their physical abilities. Overcoming fears and learning skills including teamwork, leadership and technical rope work.

What are the socials like?

The cavers are a varied bunch and our socials aim to cater to everyone, expect to see everything from chilled nights into crazy fancy dress out on the town.

How can Freshers get involved?

We kick off the term with 2 fresher’s trips that are designed for complete novices to gain their first experiences of caving. You’ll have an entire weekend in Somerset befriending cavers, exploring caves and enjoying social evenings to wind down – all for a measly £30 (food, transport, kit, and leaders all provided).

Rating out of 10:

Well, it has to be a 10. Caving is an extremely thrilling sport with so many learning opportunities – signing up during my first year was the best decision I’ve made to date!

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