Dodgeball: KTV vs InQuire

There was sweat. There was blood. And there were a lot of tears (but that was mostly from Inquire laughing at KTV’s misfortune). KTV and InQuire took to the pitch in a game of indoor dodgeball. Although KTV claims that they ‘won the final match in which winner takes all’, InQuire won two matches out of the three, making us the real winners.

It started with a run up to the balls, which InQuire won easily due to the fact that we are never stuck behind a laptop editing the paper and not having time to hit the gym. There were some fierce hits, involving myself and a few other players getting hit directly in the head. It wasn’t until KTV and Inquire played one another that things got deadly serious. Shouts could be heard from miles away of ‘we get more views’ and ‘we destroy trees’.

Most violent player was definitely Bill Bowkett (Newspaper News Editor), who swung the balls at the opposing team as though his life depended on it and actually hit one of the female players straight in the head. This caused a mega injury and Inquire were forced to feel shame. Man of the match was Jordan Ifield (Website News Editor), who stayed in the longest for the majority of the rounds and was the last man standing. Most pointless player was, and I hate to say it, myself (Meg Warwick, Website Sports Editor) as I very rarely actually threw a ball and just attempted to hide them from the opposing team. The biggest team player was Alice Bezant, was often shared the balls which she collected. And, the worst player goes to Maisie Lee (Newspaper Opinion Editor) because she kindly nominated herself. And, she did end up getting hit with the ball a fair few times.

Regardless of the ‘healthy’ competition, Inquire were most definitely the best and gracious team in the finals. KTV, better luck next time.

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