Healthy dieting

Dieting can be difficult, however, it can also be a great way to make yourself feel more confident and healthier. If done for the wrong reasons, however, it can be a major contributor to falling into a dangerous mindset about health and well-being. There are too many misleading and unhealthy ‘fad diets’ floating around on the internet, promoting weight change that is ‘scientifically proven’ to work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and these ‘fad diets’ can end up impacting people’s lives for the worse.

The first thing you should consider when thinking about dieting is, why do you want to do it?. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to lose or gain weight for health reasons, or if done safely, to change the way our bodies look. There are many healthy and positive reasons for going on a diet, however it’s important to stick to a diet that is a healthy way for you and your body, whether that’s to lose or gain weight.

If you’re losing weight, don’t starve yourself. Follow whatever diet plan you’ve chosen, but remember, if it is fairly restrictive, and the hunger is difficult to cope with, then it is okay to eat. Maybe just have a healthy snack or a piece of fruit and cut back on the number of fatty foods you’re eating instead. Rather than skipping meals, you could increase your exercise regime to something a little more challenging. If you’re putting on weight, stay away from binge eating and simply increase the calorie counts of meals you’re already eating. There are loads of healthy alternatives to extreme dieting that will help you achieve your goal weight.

Everybody is unique and as a result, our healthy weight bracket is always specific to the individual. Constantly checking your weight on the scales is not necessarily going to reflect your progress for dieting. Body Mass Index (BMI) is not always a genuine depiction of your health, and checking progress using scales can often be disheartening. We don’t always see weight changes at the same speed as other people. If you reach your desired body type sooner than you expected, then don’t rigidly stick to weight change goals.

You should never try and change the way your body looks for anyone but yourself. Body shaming is an unfortunately common thing that many members of society experience. If you start a diet because other people have pressured you into it, or made comments about how you look, this will most likely lead to eating disorders and other mental health troubles. It is imperative to approach dieting with a positive mindset, and not for a quick fix. If your dieting is starting to take over your life, then this is a sign to leave it for another time. There is no shame in retreating from a diet that isn’t right for you.

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