Kent 78-0 Imperial: Biggest win for Falcons in club's history

November 4, 2018


The Kent Falcons played their first BUCS match on Sunday 4th November, winning 78-0 against Imperial. This was the biggest win in the club’s history, making them extremely satisfied within their win.




InQuire interviewed some of the players during the half time, getting quotes off the teams chosen star players Robert Walton and Jonathan Harvey. When asked how they were finding the game so far, the feedback was positive. Walton stated that “yeah it’s going really, really well. Great start of the term, great start of the season.” Harvey followed on, stating “Seeing how we finished last year, let’s try and top that. But it’s going well.” Both players having scored goals in the first half of the game seemed keen to continue on their victory. They stated that they’re one word to describe how their finding the match would be, “dominating”.

The president of Kent Falcons, Taylor gave a short quote when asked how he was finding the game. “Tiring.” He states, “But good, we’re winning so it’s good.”




The team even had a lot of support at their first match, the Kent Cheer team the Falconettes displayed routines pre-match and continued to show their support throughout the match. When asked how they felt the team were doing, they stated “that they are doing incredibly well, and it’s brilliant”.


The team will be playing again next week on Sunday 11th November, against University of Kent (UKC) rival team Canterbury Christ Church (CCCU) at 3pm.


Regular update on the American Football match will be posted Monday.

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