T24 Drama Society autumn season show times

November 7, 2018



Marine Parade


Mark Eitzel's melancholic songs soundtrack Simon Stephen's honestly penned tale of love set in a Brighton B&B. This intimate production surrounds four couples who lie, manipulate, repress to achieve love that is craved, enjoyed, squandered. Romance and regret on the promenade. Welcome to the Marine Parade.


Content warning: The show contains strong language, partial nudity, scenes of a sexual nature and a scene involving statutory rape.


Date and time: 10 Nov at 19:30 and 11 Nov at 21:00


Location: The Chiesman Pavilion, The Spitfire Ground St. Lawrence, Old Dover Rd, Canterbury, CT1 3NZ


Show length: 1 hour, 30 minutes with interval


Tickets are £5.00 and can be purchased from the Kent Union website.



Ladies Night


It’s Ladies night and the feelings right!!! Barry, Craig, Norman, Gavin and Ricky have fallen on hard times. So logically they decided to set up a stripping convention. With the help of Dawn and Frankie they attempt to make this a success. But will it be a success? Come to Ladies Night for a treat for the soul and the eyes.


Content Warning: This show involves nudity, strong language, and sex references.


Date and time: 12 Nov at 19:30 and 13 Nov at 22:30


Location: The Ballroom, 15 Orange Street, Canterbury, CT1 2JA


Show length: 1 hour, 50 minutes with interval


Tickets are £5.00 and can be purchased from the Kent Union website.



Bishop’s Night Trick


1960’s. Two rival gangster families - the Bishops and the McCallums - rule the East end of London. In this original piece, blood is shed and family ties are tested. A tale of violence and betrayal inspired by Peaky Blinders. Who will come out on top?


Content warning: This show contains strong language, sexual references and violence.


Date and time: 15 Nov at 19:30 and 16 Nov at 22:30


Location: The Pound, 1 Pound Ln, Canterbury, CT1 2BZ


Tickets are £4.00 and can be purchased from the Kent Union website.





When an engagement party decide to play the childhood game ‘sardines’, humorous and sinister

discoveries are made.


Content Warning: 16+ This show contains adult themes, strong language and references to paedophilia, self-harm, suicide and arson.


Date and time: 18 Nov at 19:30 and 19 Nov at 22:30


Location: Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, The Precincts, Canterbury, CT1 2EH


Tickets are £4.00 and can be purchased from the Kent Union website.



Titus Andronicus


14 deaths, revenge, madness, power, hilarity and a giant pie. Titus Andronicus is Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy. This action-packed adaptation centres the violence & madness of the original play around the world of multi-millionaire business rivalry and explores the extent one will go to enact revenge.


Content Warning: This show contains topics of a sensitive nature including themes of rape, racism and cannibalism. It will also include violent and gory content.


Date and time: 22 Nov at 19:30 and 23 Nov at 22:30


Location: The Gulbenkian, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NB


Show length: 2 hours with interval


Tickets are £5.00-£10.00 and can be purchased from the Gulbekian website.



No Sex Please, We're British


Through an unfortunate mistake, Peter and Frances Hunter find themselves inundated with pornographic material from the “Scandinavian Import Company”. It’s up to them and Peter’s disastrous colleague Brian to try & hide the explicit material from their cohort of visitors. All appears to be going well until more material arrives and causes havoc in the Hunter household.


Content Warning: This show contains sexual references and partial nudity.


Date and time: 26 Nov at 20:00 and 27 Nov at 22:30


Location: The Marlowe Theatre, The Friars, Canterbury, CT1 2AS


Tickets are £9.75 and can be purchased from the Marlow Theatre website.

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