Racist graffiti spotted on campus

Neo-Nazi racist graffiti has been found on at the University of Kent Canterbury Campus, InQuire can report.

The graffiti, which reads ‘KKK’ followed by a swastika, a Nazi symbol, was found at the back of Elliot College as early as Thursday evening.

It has since been removed having been covered by a black tarpaulin on Friday morning.

It is currently unknown as to who drew the graffiti or whether there will be a police or campus security are investigating.

The graffiti comes following a rise in hate crime on campus, with the University’s local Mosque on Giles Lane being part of a racist attack involving fake poison powder and letters detailing a ‘Punch a Muslim day’, where individuals would score ‘points’ for committing hate-crimes of varying degrees of seriousness, was sent to Kent residents earlier this year.

Elsewhere, University campuses across the country have seen rises in racist crimes by students, such as Nottingham Trent University students chanting racist abuse in University halls where a number of ethnic minority students were in residence and a number of incidents around Neo-Nazi and racist writing in Exeter University.

The graffiti also comes two days before Remembrance Day on the 11th of November, to remember the sacrifices of armed forces personnel in wars, including the Second World War.

In a statement made to InQuire, Kent Union wrote: “We take incidents of racism extremely seriously and are working with Kent Police and the University regarding the offensive graffiti daubed on Canterbury Campus yesterday, which has now been removed. Kent Union abhor this behaviour, which is completely against our values of inclusivity and support, and we will continue to stand up to harassment, discrimination and acts of hate crime including anti-semitic attacks where and whenever it is encountered.”