Review: Jess Glynne - Always In Between

Last week was the return of Jess Glynne with her new album ‘Always In Between’. Despite only hearing a few of Jess Glynne’s songs in the past that caught my interest, this is the first time I have taken the time to fully get to know her music style and this album definitely stands out in many positive ways; ‘Always In Between’ contains a variety of upbeat pop tracks that fit her style so well to the more gentle and soothing tunes that are pulled off excellently.

One thing I’ve always liked about Jess Glynne is the unique vocals that defines her and her music. Her stunning voice really adds energy to the upbeat tracks and very strong emotion to the gentle ones and hearing her single ‘I’ll be there’ released earlier this year only added to my excitement for what was yet to be showed off. However, as unique is Jess Glynne’s vocal style is, I, unfortunately, wasn’t blown away with these more energetic tunes. They felt a little too typical for Jess and didn’t add much expansion to her music from 3 or 4 years ago.

As for those with less intense upbeat tone, including ‘Nevermind’ and ‘Thursday’ the strong emotion and power in Jess’s voice combined with the relaxing and somewhat day-dream feel in them really brought something new to ‘Always In between’. Whether it’s getting through your coursework, going for a walk or lying on your bed with a book, these tracks are a definite go-to for these activities and have me pressing the repeat button for hours.

Overall, Always In Between is a positive return from Jess Glynne with a creative and highly recommendable variety of emotion-filled tracks that I’d love to see many more of in the future. Whilst feeling a bit underwhelmed by the more upbeat tracks and their lack of progression from the previous album, those of a more soothing tone took my breath away and are some of my overall favourite songs from Jess Glynne. If you’re a fan of Jess Glynne or are simply looking for a change of the usual in-the-charts pop music, then I’d recommend giving ‘Always In Between’ a go.