Review: Mungos' New Menu

Photography: Daria Istayeva

Mungo's menu has been updated by Kent Hospitality, the organisation that runs most of the restaurants on campus. Their new menu includes three new wraps, including a falafel wrap and New York Deli wrap, along with three gourmet burgers, including the 'Mighty Vegan' and 'The Clucker'. They have also added a new flatbread, the 'Halloumi and Pesto'.

Mungos, hidden in the labyrinth of Eliot, is worth getting lost to find. The bright restaurant has a modern, café styled décor during the day; and at night, the atmosphere changes as subtle pink and blue lights illuminate the counters and walls as it seconds as a fun, upbeat bar. Mungos’s menu has been updated by Canterbury Catering, and now boasts three new wraps, including a falafel wrap and New York Deli wrap, along with three gourmet burgers, including the ‘Mighty Vegan’ and ‘The Clucker’.

It took a minute for the staff to acknowledge Daria, the Website Editor, and I, as we waited at the counter—but the short wait was rectified by the speed of the food delivery. Daria ordered one of their most popular dishes, the Classic Chicken Burger, £5, along with a smoothie, and I ordered the gourmet, New Yorker burger. Though the staff needed to be reminded about the smoothie, the food arrived in under 10 minutes, even though the bar was almost full.

The chicken was cooked well, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The bacon added a nice crunch, and the bun was toasted to avoid any sogginess from the sauces. The fries, however, were lilted and soft, failing to meet the chicken’s crunchy outside and tender inside standard, but kept a relative degree of flavor.

The gourmet New Yorker burger was delicious, with the pastrami adding plentifully to the overall flavor. The burger itself was well seasoned, but overcooked—then again, what burger isn’t overcooked on campus. The smoothie was light, much more airy than typical smoothies, but still offered a good, and healthy, combination of ingredients and flavors.

The bar offers good food and an upbeat atmosphere. If you like ‘club-like’ music, there is always some playing, adding to the exciting environment. (If you want a place to quietly dialogue over a meal, I would find another bar—the music is quite loud.) It is a good venue for pre-drinks, and has a side room that student groups can book. On Tuesdays Mungos offers a burger and drink meal for £5 from 17:00 to 21:00, one of the better deals on campus, and hosts Monday night quizzes. If you haven’t yet been able to find the elusive bar in Eliot, don’t fret—as you walk in, follow the signs posted on the walls, and you’ll start hearing the sounds of the top 50’s hits and smell the chicken frying.


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