On Screen at the Gulbenkian: The Nightmare Before Christmas

How long ago did you last watch the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’? Or have you been re-watching it every single Halloween, as you cannot imagine holidays without scary creatures of Tim Burton’s iconic stop-motion animation film? This Christmas Jack and Sally are coming to the Gulbenkian on 16th of December, to take you back on a journey to childhood. This time as adult, maybe, you will find more to this story, than you saw as a child.

The story starts when Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloween town, has grown bored with having to scare people each and every year on Halloween. After another successful celebration Jack receives congratulations and praises from the fellow citizens, but it does not settle his thoughts and, hoping to escape the town for a bit longer, he founds a special place in the forest. He opens a door carved in a tree, and falls into a Christmas town – a place, where only happiness and laughter prevail. In good intentions Jack comes home and tries to teach creatures of Halloween town about Christmas, but soon finds out that used to violence and fears monsters cannot understand the meaning of Christmas. So, to make it more understandable for them, Jack exaggerates Christmas to the point, when he tells that Santa Claus – is a scary and horrible master of Christmas. And, after Halloween creature heard what they wanted to hear – they all decide to help Jack with his plan, understanding, that the plan is to spoil the Christmas and scare children, who are waiting for presents from Santa Claus. However, in all honesty Jack means something completely different. Although he is warned by Sally, a rag doll from the town, that his adventure may end up very badly, Jack is determined to make his plans come true.

The screening costs only £1-3 pounds, so it is a good opportunity to come with all of your friends and get childhood-nostalgic. Don’t miss the chance!

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