How to get your Kent Footballing Fix

November 22, 2018


For many attending a University away from home, a change of day to day activities is expected. For me, this meant having to stop attending Premier League football matches once a fortnight. No more travelling to watch West Ham for 19 home games a year, something that had been a staple feature of my social life for nearly 14 years. It seemed as though my footballing love affair was over.


At the University Of Kent, however, such opportunities are available. Unknown to me when I began attending, the University does run a free shuttle bus that goes from the Keynes and Darwin bus stops to the Medway campus in around 40 minute. From the Medway campus, the local town of Gillingham is just a 20 minute walk away.


Ifyou are a football lover like myself, this means that Medway you are only a 20 minute walk away from seeing Sky Bet League One Football action at a student friendly price. Gillingham football club themselves have recently stated that ‘for the second season running we have a fantastic student deal offering discount on all our match day tickets.’ Students can get home tickets for as little as £7 if booked in advance or £9 on the day—saving of around £15. So the next time you are sitting at either in your campus accommodation or your student home on a Saturday morning wondering what you can do with your afternoon think about the fact for just £7 you can travel across the county and watch a high level of football at Gillingham Football Club. Currently the Gills sit 17th in the league, so be sure to show your University’s local team your support as they look to stave off relegation.


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