Pole Fitness: We Are Not Sexy

What do you enjoy most about pole fitness?

Lauren (Vice): I really like that it’s something a bit different and I’m really gaining strengths. It’s not like going to the gym, it’s more fun. It feels like a family, everyone is such good friends who cheer each other on. The atmosphere is friendly. We have interuniversity pole competition, which is fun. You get one person in a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced, a semi-professional and a group category. We will be auditioning for that fairly soon. It is a mixed sport, made up of 90% girls and 10% guys. We had a male president two years ago, who was incredible.

Lia (PR): My answer is similar, it’s different each time in regards to be able to move up levels and learn new moves. It is something to work towards.

Do you prefer social or the actual pole fitness?

Lia: I love both, but I’d have to say social. The reason I stayed was because committee was so lovely, and now this year I love everyone. It makes it such a good experience.

Lauren: I love the sport but it is the same. It is the people that make it.

How is pole fitness empowering?

Lauren: It’s interesting to do something that is viewed as so sexual, and it’s really not. I mean it’s about strength. You are smashing the stereotype, cause we are not sexy. But it’s so much fun! That’s the most empowering thing – taking something that has been so sexual and make it something powerful.

Lia: Because there’s different levels and moves, when you finally get it that’s really empowering. It is an ongoing journey but everyone is so supportive.

Lauren: We are all involved in each other’s progress and we are all apart of each other’s progress.

In regards to This Kent Girl Can, how have you empowered women and support the campaign?

Lauren: Our social last year the theme was empowerment.

Lia: Yeah, the showcase.

Lauren: You do a three or two minute performance to songs to either empower us or others. That was what we were trying to base it off of.

Lia: Last years committee had the t-shirts, which we will also be getting. The merch is the main reason I knew about the campaign.

How can others get involved in empowering women and your society?

Lauren: I think when it comes to empowering women, everyone should talk to each other and listen to one anothers stories. How they’ve got through everything. Because I think listening to what other people have been to helps yourself.

Lia: Come along to our sessions, they’re a lot of fun.

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