UKC Netball hits the net for charity

UKC Netball club have gone on a charity rampage with the amount of events this club have organised. From charity matches to fundraisers, the team are dominating.

They hosted their charity netball event on the 12th November, as a part of student fundraising week, raising £478 (an extra 200 pounds compared to last year). The teams were made up of boys and girls and played to raise money for 'Rising Sun Domestic Abuse' - a Kent based charity that Netball “hold very close to our hearts as they were able to help one of our members through a difficult time in the past and so we want to raise as much money for them as possible”, says Georgiana Osborn.

There were around 22 teams that entered the tournament, a brilliant turnout for the netball club.

The winners of the 2018 Charity Netball were ‘Sketballs 7s’, who won all six of their games, scoring a wooping 12-0 in one of them. They beat their final contenders Men’s Rugby, their team being called “Los Doghoes”. The team won five of their matches out of seven. The final match score was 2-0. It was such a close final between Rugby and 'Sketball 7s' with both teams working hard to be the winners. Honourable mentions go to Tennis, who entered two teams and won majority of their matches. The worst team, as stated by the committee, was Debtball as their star player apparently rolled her ankle within the first five minutes.

Coppafeel got involved with the Netball club as part of the TKGC fundraising, everyone had to wear pink to their training sessions and donated money to the cause. They raised £50 for the campaign!

Netball hosted a charity Movember training session, which raised money for the cause. In January, they are also hoping to pick a local charity to raise money for, and they hope to continue raising money monthly.

Sports teams watch out, Netball are coming for Charity Fundraisers of the year.