BUCS Term One Results

Who brought home the bacon and who takes the wooden spoon? It’s time for the BUCS termly round ups to see who won the most matches, who has the biggest goal difference, who is top of the league table and, most importantly, which teams are undefeated.

Big Wins

These teams have some scores to shout about. The biggest amount of wins this season is five, from Women’s Lacrosse 1st Team, Men’s Badminton 2nd Team, Men’s Fencing 1st Team, Men’s Hockey 1st Team and Women’s Hockey 1st Team. Each of these teams have been awarded 15 BUCS points. Go #teamkent.

Large Losses

Although winning is great, sadly the saying ‘you win some, you lose some’ can’t even be applied to a lot of these teams as they haven’t won a single game.

The biggest amount of game losses is awarded to Women’s Football 1st Team, who lost all seven of their matches. Next in the table is Women’s Hockey 4th Team, who have lost all six of their games. Women’s Lacrosse 2nd Team, Men’s Lacrosse 2nd Team and Men’s Hockey 2nd Team lost five games and haven’t won a single one, while Women’s Badminton 1st Team lost five out of their seven games and Men’s Hockey 3rd Team lost five out of their six games.

Don’t worry, there’s always next term to smash it out the park.

Goal Difference

Goal difference is somewhat difference due to particular Sports accumulating more goals then others. For example, an average goal score for Football can vary from 2-0 or 2-2. Whereas American Football can range from 78-0 or 34-6 in terms of touchdowns, and Fencing can be 128-120.

The highest goal difference was achieved by Men’s Fencing 1st Team with 148. Closely behind, American Football Mixed Team scored 139 touch downs over the term. Then is Women’s Fencing 1st Team with 108, followed by Women’s Lacrosse 1st Team with 86 and then Men’s Rugby 3rd Team with 79.

Fencing seem to have dominated this one.

In terms of at the other end of the scale, Men’s Basketball 2nd Team have a goal difference of -101, which means teams have hit 101 baskets then them. Men’s Lacrosse 2nd Team is behind them with -72 goals, followed by Women’s Lacrosse 2nd Team with a goal difference of -67. But one of the lowest on the table is Women’s Football 1st Team, who have a goal difference of -44 and have only scored one goal in the whole of their season.

Top of the Table

UKC has a lot of teams that are top of the league table, some honorable mentions being Women’s Volley Ball 1st Team, Men’s Football 1st Team, Men’s Badminton 2nd Team and Men’s Tennis 2nd Team.

However, bottom of their league table is Women’s Football 1st Team, Women’s Table Tennis 1st Team, Ultimate Frisbee, Women’s Lacrosse 2nd Team, Men’s Lacrosse 2nd Team and Men’s 2nd and 3rd Team Hockey.


These are the teams that have gone all the way without a single defeat. American Football stood strong in the top league (1A) and have won every single one of their matches. After being delegated a league, Women’s Lacrosse 1st Team proved themselves by winning every single one of their games, including their cup match again Brighton. Men’s Badminton 2nd Team won every single of their matches, Men’s Football 1st Team however did not lose a single game, they won four and drew two meaning that they are technically undefeated. As did Men’s Tennis 2nd Team, who won four of their games and drew one.

Victorious all-rounders

Major mentions for being victorious all-rounders go to American Football, who have one of the biggest goal differences, started by with scoring 78 touchdowns against their opposition Imperial, and are top of the top BUCS league for American Football.

Next victorious all-rounder goes to Women’s Lacrosse 1st Team, who have improved a great deal from last year. Being relegated a league did not stop them from winning every single one of their matches, scoring large goal differences such as 21-1 and 17-1. They are also undefeated.

Women’s Volleyball have also done extremely well, winning all of their matches in the second league. They are the dark horses to watch out for.

Men’s Football 1st Team have also been victorious, winning all their home games and drawing the remaining two, but not losing a single match.

All-round Abomination

The wooden spoon of Sport this year is awarded to Women’s Football, who are bottom of the leader board, have lost all of their games and have only score one goal. At least they still have their spirit.

The overall BUCs scores Term One:

Teams in BUCS: 47

Games played: 232

Wins: 109

Losses: 113

Draws: 10

Goal difference: 434

BUCS Points: 439

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