UKC K-pop Dance Society place highly in national competition

The K-pop Dance Society has recently attended their first national competition following their creation less than 3 months ago and has achieved a perfect score of 210, the only perfect score given throughout the entire competition.

The group attended the K-Pop University Nationals hosted at Reading University, where 17 universities competed, with two teams from UKC K-pop going, one male and one female group of 12 performers for the two competitions hosted at the nationals.

The competition assesses a single performance of a synchronised dance to a K-pop song based on five criteria. These criteria are synchronisation, visual effects, performance value, technique, and finally a score based on the performance overall.

In the girl group competition, the Girl’s team, called KLASS, came top of their category with a perfect score, followed by a team from Coventry University, and a group from Edinburgh University came third.

The boy group didn’t score in the top three for their category, however they still achieved a respectable 178.5 for their performance from the three judges in the competition.

The K-pop dance society president, Rachel Yeung, said “We got a lot of comments on our chemistry and our teamwork” from the judges.

“Overall, we practiced around 20 hours a week”.

One member of the K-pop girl’s group said “even though the Girl group performed amazingly, we cannot ignore the hard work and dedication of the performers in our boy group team.”

UKC K-pop Dance Society is open to anyone interested in K-pop dancing and has a public Instagram and Facebook page.