Ralph Breaks the Internet

Following on from the first Wreck-it-Ralph film released in 2012, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ follows Ralph and his best friend Vanellope on their wild and chaotic journey into the world wide web where they find themselves on a frantic and fast-paced journey to try and save Vanellope’s video game.

After Ralph causes the Sugar Rush game to malfunction and break down, all hopes rise on a replacement controller that is only available for sale on the internet, meaning Ralph and Vanellope set out to retrieve this controller and save the Sugar Rush game along with all who live in it. As the two friends reach the internet, real life sites such as eBay, Twitter, Instagram and Google are presented in the film and are portrayed in such a humoristic yet truthful way, and the presence of other video game faces in the film including Pacman, Sonic the Hedgehog and Fix-it-Felix only add to the technological community people recognise and, for some, adore.

We also see many famous Disney characters including the Disney princesses. Whilst I was impressed by how they were given their own sequence in the film, they’re personalities were less than impressive. They behaved almost nothing like their original selves and acted more like teenage girls rather than the princesses everybody grew up with, which ruined the whole point of having them in the film at all.

As for Ralph, his character has undergone a slight change from the first 2012 film; we definitely see him as a more hesitant and reluctant character, especially when he approaches the gateway to the internet. In the first instalment, he has no problem jumping from game to game on his own but not this time! Although changes in characters’ personalities didn’t impress me too much, the action sequences and quality of animation surpassed my expectations by a million miles. From rapid car chases in run-down cities, witnessing the Sugar Rush game glitch and even Ralph’s last chance to save the internet from a devastating breakdown, sequences are jam-packed with action and intense speed. Overall, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is a big step up from the previous film and takes the whole story in a new creative direction with a wild fast-paced ride throughout. Whilst the additional characters are more annoying and don’t add anything special to the storyline, the unbreakable friendship between Ralph and Vanellope will definitely touch the audience’s hearts as they set out to save the Sugar Rush game together.