Team Kent Sports Spotlight: Football FC

The UKC Sports Spotlight is back, and this week InQuire spoke with three committee members from the Football FC committee. First up is the chairman Alastair Doe, who plays left-mid for the 3rd Team, and supports Celtic because his family are from Glasgow. Next is Cameron Phillips, who is the goalie for the 2nd team and Social Secretary for the club. And finally David Percy, who is the 3rd Team captain, plays centre-mid and supports Chelsea.

The team talk through the season, the improvement of the 3rd team with their winning streak and what is too be expected in the future.

Q. How has the season gone so far?

Cameron: The 2s haven’t been great, compared to last year we have struggled. We have a lot of new players.

David: The 3s have done quite well so far, winning a few games and getting quite far in the cup. We have started pretty positively.

Alistair: The 1s are also doing well, they’ve only lost one match. I mean, they are drawing but they look good. Genuinely quite good as a club.

Percy: Football and social wise the freshers are doing well, shout out to one of our fresher Harry who has been a great social member.

Q. On the social side, have you got any events coming up?

Cameron: We have teamed up with our sponsors Student Republic and did a 70s Movember disco. It went well! Most people in the club grew moustaches for Movember so we thought we’d tie it in as moustaches are part of the 70s look.

Cameron: I also did Strictly Kent Dancing, which was a charity event organised by Kent Ballroom and Latin Society. I danced on behalf of Football and I've got no rhythm but it was all for a good cause. Even if I was called rubbish!

Alistair: I think we’ve raised well over £1000 for Movember.

Percy: A lot of the boys got involved, we’ve had our page set up for people to donate to. Everyone in the club has really got involved.

Q. Do you guys prefer the social side or the sports side?

Cameron: We play Wednesday and Saturday, so Wednesday is all in all best day of the week because we have Venesday in the evening. When you have to get up after going out on a Friday it’s a bit tedious. I think you have to separate Weds and Saturdays.

Percy: We’ve got a good mix in the club, when we are playing we know it’s serious and we do take it seriously because we’ve joined to play football at the end of the day. We want to win but we have a good level where we do go out after, we have fun. The social aspect is a part of it. You go on tour, which is mainly a social thing. We do take football seriously, but make friendships through both.

Q. Any players that have shone so far?

David: Josh Cunningham, big goal scorer this year. He’s really come on this year and he’s scoring goals for fun. Ed Bensley is another goal scorer.

Alistair: I’d call out Will Baldry, our 1st Team Captain. He’s really committed to the club, plays Saturdays and Wednesdays. Most 1st players don’t even consider playing Saturdays, because it’s less serious. But he puts in his shift.

Q. Are you involved with the women’s football team?

Cameron: One of our old boys in the manager for the UKC Women’s Football Team.

David: There’s a bit of a cross over.

Q. What is the best thing about your club?

Cameron: All my friends at university are football boys. The people I hang round with is my football mates as we all have something huge in common and it’s easy.

Alistair: The feel of the club, everyone looks out for each other. We are all mates, we all hang out at matches and socials together.

David: The relationships you make with the other boys, you’ve got the boys you came in with and you’re really close with them. And the ones that come in after, you make friends with them. You’re always getting fresh faces. Best part about it.