Will the Kent Falcons be victorious?

It's the first official Varsity match today, and it's kicking off with American Football. The University of Kent's team The Falcons against Christ Church's team The Chargers. But, who will be victorious?

The Falcons give their statements on how they think the match will go.

Jonathan Harvey - Line Backer

“I’m pumped for Varsity. Our most recent match was a tough day for all of us but, I just want to get back out on the pitch and get back on track. Stamp our authority on this division, and there is no better game for that than varsity. It’s always a tough game against CCCU, but we haven’t lost once and that’s not going to change this year.

I personally have been hitting the gym, going over my playbook and just looking after my body, so it’s in top condition for the game. Which I’m sure my teammates have all been doing the same.

It’s the biggest game of the year that we all look forward to. It was the first date I looked for when our fixtures went live and it’s been in my calendar since. I’ve been ready for this game all year and I can’t wait to step out on the field and represent the Falcons and Kent Uni in this year’s varsity.”

Julien Cary - Quarterback

“I have to call attention to our senior players. Our president Taylor Monaghan set our team Facebook page cover photo to Queen Mary's comment of our first loss. I think it's safe to say that it’s lit a fire in our stomach and motivated us to come back fighting. Personally I have gone to the gym and plan on going everyday until varsity. We all want to improve our game and our first loss has really inspired and directed us to what we need to improve on. Personally I want to improve my stamina. Other than physicality I've actually made quite a few Spotify playlist to fire me up.”

Greg Chapman - O-Line and D-Line

“The Kent Falcons are totally ready for Varsity. Whilst our long regular season unbeaten streak just came to an end last Sunday, it's been a useful lesson for us and we are now ready to come back with a bite. I know some players have put in that extra effort in the gym and some have organised their own extra practice sessions to make sure we are more ready and stronger than ever. The combination of our squad's talent, good preparation and our want to come back better than ever, means that we're ready for anything. We've never lost to the Chargers and none of us are willing to end that streak anytime soon.”

Samira Conteh - Wide Receiver

“As Game Day Manager of the Falcons I’m preparing for the Varsity fixture by making sure I have everything organised so it runs as smoothly as possible. It’s the biggest fixture of the year and one we’re all excited to play so I want to make sure that it is perfect. As a player I’ve been focusing on what I can do as an individual to benefit the team like going to the gym every day, looking over my playbook and getting in extra practice. This is something, I’m sure all the Falcons are doing as we’re only as good as the people we play alongside. It will be a tough game but one you will not want to miss!”

Head down to the Pavilion at 3pm on Sunday 3rd February to see the competition between these two teams.