Gymwear Brand Ambassadors- It can be YOU!

Active on Instagram? ✓


Regular Gym selfie taker? ✓

Do you have an addiction when it comes to buying sets of gym apparel and syncing up your outfits? You are putting all the effort to define your body, why wouldn’t you want clothing that exhibits those features? Bum. Pecs. Whatever your calling. Abstract shapes, mesh detailing and intricate straps, are all the hype on the soaring gym-wear market. Function has been combined with elements of fashion; with mirrors galore in gyms, its not hard to understand why.

Yet it’s retailers, not particularly known for their sporting goods, including the likes of H &M, Topshop and Forever 21, who are all snapping up the spotlight. Making it even harder for start-ups to break through; there’s just so much choice. So, how do these upcoming brands proceed? They do so by enticing you into their web as ‘Brand Ambassador’s’…

All follow the same simple formula:

You get 10 - 20% discount.

You get 10 - 20% commission on any orders you generate.

You get to look like a GOD in your matching gym wear.

You’ll probably admit yourself, while waiting between sets, your eyes have often wandered around the room, noticing some stylish bits of apparel. The most effective method of advertising is for you to do all the hard work for them: exposure, visibility and setting a trend to new audiences. Whether that’s while you parade around the gym, or when you take a pre or post- gym snap and plaster it on your social media.

Fitness is for everyone: You can be any shape, have your own aspirations, and it’s all positive advertisement. All of us can be social media influencers. Once you make your way past the cliché words haven, it’s really simple to apply.

So, are you getting a good deal? Well simple, don’t be like Bob and use someone else’s discount code, when you can just become an ambassador yourself. It may not be a tremendous saving, but it can also open the opportunity to be featured on their Instagram profile, invited to photoshoots and the commission money itself could be something.

You never know you may play a beneficial role for the company and they decide you’re worth taking on as a fully sponsored athlete. Now that is something to aspire to!

If this has won you over, here are some of the global communities you can be a part of:

  • Just Strong- For Women

  • Progress

  • Heavy Rep Gear

And there’s many more out there!