Dear Reader: Varsity Special Edition

Photo taken by Emily Heath (head of photography)

Dear Reader,

Exciting. A word that most Sports Team Captain at the University of Kent have used to describe up Varsity. Once a year, matches take place between the Kent and the Christ Church sports teams. Both hoping to be victorious.

In previous years, Varsity has become vicious. Bloodthirsty rivalry seeped through the opposing universities. Students engaged in vandalism, violence and verbal abuse to the opposing side, which ended in a frenzy. Time has passed, and a lot has changed.

A theme that runs through the core of Varsity is inclusivity. With Emily Window beginning the Inclusivarsity campaign, the importance of keeping Sport inclusive has heightened. Wheelchair Varsity has been introduced. Rainbow laces for LGBT+ support. Those who thought they could never be a part of sport are now being pushed.

Fez and Emma, the two faces of InQuire’s Varsity special edition are a representation of how Sport should be. Fez was game day captain for the American Football Falcons Varsity team, bringing them to victory as they clutched that winners sign. And Emma, captain of the Women’s Lacrosse team, has fronted her team as they remain undefeated throughout BUCS. Now all they look for is that Varsity triumph.

But, it’s not all the winning. It’s about the sportsmanship, the determination and, above all, the team spirit. Varsity is more than just holding the winners sign and putting another win in the Varsity score box. It’s about coming together with those who also share a love of sport. It’s about sharing mutual support for your team. The feeling of being apart of something bigger. Teams don’t win matches just because of ability. They win because of spirit.

Varsity is not about blending in, it’s about standing out. But, for the right reasons. For ability, commitment and enthusiasm.

We’ve tasted victory. Let it intensify the team spirit.

This is from our recent Varsity Special Edition. Copies are available in the library, Essentials, Darwin, Keynes, Parkwood, Turing and Rutherford.

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