Equestrian are a racing spirit for Varsity

February 10, 2019


"I don't believe in talking bad about the opposing team - it takes the fun and enjoyment out of the atmosphere" - Ina Stagrum Bach (Vice-Captain)


Equestrian is one of the overlooked sports at Kent due to not competing in BUCS or having a ball based sport that has a clear winner. It's based on agility, grace and precious. Vice Captain of the club tells InQuire more about how Equestrian are feeling for Varsity.


Ina Stagrum Bach (Vice-Captain)

"Varsity is always a lot of fun whether you're competing or not, as a big part of the club comes out to the yard to help and support each other. I am super excited for the Varsity team and about the day in general. I competed myself in my first year, and had a blast doing it! Didn't exactly detract from the experience that Kent won overall and I placed 1st for my group. Our winning quality is high team spirit. I want to win and am quite competitive as a person, but I don't believe in talking bad about the opposing team - it takes the fun and enjoyment out of the atmosphere, making the day feel tense and awkward. It should be inclusive and a fun day from everyone. I think we have a healthy competitive instinct - also the fact that we've got riders who generally want to do well for themselves and the university."

One word for Varsity: Exciting (I'm really bad at one-word descriptions)


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