Swim are fishing for another win in Varsity

February 10, 2019

"If Christ Church are as good as swimming as they are good looking, we'll be fine" - Georgie (Social Secretary)


Swim were victorious last year, will the same happen again? They seem confident in their team this year, a good sign for UKC. But will their be more support at their games than last year? Here's why Swim are the ones to watch for Varsity.


Robyn Grant (President)

"We've beat Christ Church the past eight years, so there's a lot of pressure to keep it up but, we aren't too worried. We've got some amazing captains this year and everyone's been training hard. I'm not stressed."

One word to sum up Varsity: Flag-waving (apparently look out for the flag waver on their team)


Rob (Men's Captain)

"I am apprehensive, nervous but quietly confident for Varsity. I have full confidence in my swimmers. We are all in it to win it we're going to win it the right way as well. We've got two captains that have won it twice before, picking a team is always difficult anyway because we have such a big and good team. I am quietly confident."

One word to sum up Varsity: Crunch-time


Lucy (Women's Captain)

"We have a good team this year, hopefully we'll be able to keep up our good track record. Our best time quality is our strength in depth. We're going to crush it."

One word to sum up Varsity: Stressed


Other one words of enthusiasm from their team mates...

Kris (Vice-President): Exciting

Jonas (Treasurer): Early (yawn)

Becky (Social Secretary): Competition

Georgie (Social Secretary): Pride. I have faith in all my swimmers, you'll hear me cheering from the side and being an amazing time keeper. If Christ Church are as good as swimming as they are good looking, we'll be fine.



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