Women's Volleyball are positive for Varsity

February 10, 2019


"We are high spirit and up for friendly competition but, honestly, we’re in it to win it." - Cassandra Png (Captain)


As one of the only two undefeated BUCS teams at UKC for term one, Women's Volleyball are feeling good about Varsity. Sadly, a recent loss on their Wednesday game may have caused a disruption in their playing. Or maybe they'll bounce back fighting? Watch this space. 



Women’s Volleyball – Cassandra Png (Captain)

“We are feeling great for Varsity and have been practicing a lot with a positive mindset. In regards to our Varsity track record with CCCU, I’m just saying we have won every match of the past three years. We are high spirit and up for friendly competition but, honestly, we’re in it to win it. The best quality of our Varsity team is our team work as women’s team, so far undefeated. We also have great sportsmanship, which is great to see in the players. Do we think we are going to win? Yes. I’ll say no more.

I would sum up Varsity in one word by saying it’s non-discriminator. It’s all about the Sport but, at the same time, it’s great support for LGBT cause and inclusivity.”


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