Kent Cheer are enthusiastic for Varsity

"If a stunt falls, they are willing to push themselves to get it back up without hesitation" - Amy Gore (Captain)

Unlike other Varsity teams, Cheer is not about scoring. It's about enthuasim, drive, determinaton and having a lot of fun. This more or less mirrors the meaning of Varsity. So, with their captain Amy Gore fronting them, Kent Cheer are going to put those pom poms in the air and show the time spirit of Varsity!

Amy Gore (Faclonettes Captain)

I am confident in my teams ability, considering most of them started cheer this academic year. They have really grown in confidence and ability. Unlike other sports, cheerleading isn’t based on scoring. It’s a bringing together of two teams from different universities.

As much as learning the routine can be tiring, the team always put 110% into what they do. We are 100% playing as friendly competition and it’s brilliant to see how far they have come when under the pressure of varsity. Our biggest winning quality is enthusiasm. If a stunt falls, they are willing to push themselves to get it back up without hesitation.

One word to sum up Varsity: Engaging

Jodie Robinson (Game Day Manager)

"From Varsity this year we are looking forward to the amazing opportunity to enjoy sports that we could not usually get to watch. Varsity will be a great chance to get to new teams and see our team grow and develop their skills. There is no one specific to watch out for but to see the teams come together is something that we are very excited about.

One word to sum up Varsity: Exciting