Men's Football are expecting victory in Varsity

"I am expecting three out of three game wins this year" - Alastair Doe (Chairman)

Men’s Football have been incredibly involved with the spectators this year. They've reached out to other sporting groups, are dedicated to the sport and can often be found socialising in venue. But, are they fully prepared for Varsity?

Alastair Doe (Chairman)

"I am expecting 3/3 wins this year. Our 1s are technically unbeaten in the league, with four wins and two draws. Our 2s have gone from strength to strength this season despite a shaky start. Our 3s have been due a Varsity win for years and we have a squad stronger than ever before, so I see no reason why a win cannot be achieved. Apart from winning, we want the big crowds and good atmosphere at all 3 of our games.

Kent FC is having a good season so far. Our first team is on track to win the league; it’d be a massive shock if they weren’t to. Our second team is having a reasonably good season, they have started this year well with a win in their first fixture. The third team is coming on leaps and bounds and they too are on track to win the league. With a couple of key fixtures coming up, a couple of wins would secure the league.

For our 1st Team, a player to watch out for is Will Baldry. He is the captain of our first team and plays CB, his calmness on the ball is second to none. For our 2nd Team, a player to watch out for is Kai Beck, his goal-scoring prowess is something to watch out for. For our 3rd Team, Joshua Cunningham is one to watch. His pace and finishing upfront for us has allowed him to watch to score a lot of goals this season.

Varsity is huge for Kent FC. Every year the crowds seem to get bigger and the atmosphere better. There’s nothing better than a Varsity win and it’s a huge achievement. For all 3 of our games, the whole club turns up to watch to provide support which is what Varsity is about; the whole club being as one."

One word to sum up Varsity: Exciting