Men's Lacrosse are reflective for Varsity

"We have an eight year streak against CCCU, so we are feeling confident" - Alex Stewart (President)

They may be on top form for fundraising, but can Men's Lacrosse win as well as they can get students to cough up the cash? With a seven year streak of wins, it's looking like the odds are in their favour. The president sure thinks so.

Men’s Lacrosse – Alex Stewart (President)

“We have a eight year streak against CCCU, so we are feeling confident. Our season could be going worse, it could also be going better. We've drawn three matches this term and in lacrosse, you don’t often see draws, let alone three in the first term. Our freshers played Christchurch and they lost 10-1, so looking good. We’ll be operating under the drinking ban, solidarity.”

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