Netball are heated for Varsity

"So we’re hoping, and expecting, to have 4/4 wins this year" - Alex Straw (President)

As one of the most compeititive female sports in the U.K, Netball are ready feeling feverish for Varsity. And I don't mean it in a bad way. They've trained long and hard, smashed a lot of BUCS matches and, above all, supporting of each of their teams.

Alex Straw (President)

We’re nervous but confident for Varsity. The girls have been training hard, and we’ve been focusing a lot on the technical aspects of our play. I have no doubt that if we play our best we’ll win – but then again anything can change on the day. We have a pretty good track record for Varsity, with the majority of our teams winning their matches over the years. Last year our 2nd, 3rd and 4th team won, with our 1st team narrowly losing. So we’re hoping and expecting to have 4/4 wins this year. We’re in it to win it. This year we have a really tight knit group of girls, being friends both within our teams and across them. We’re competitive and determined, but we also support each other too. Our friendships off the court make it so much easier to play well as a team on the court, so I really think this is our winning quality.

One word for Varsity: Vehement.

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