Women's Cricket are back on track for Varsity

"Despite losing to them in our BUCS game, we’re back and in it to win it" - Jordan Garland (Captain)

After a tough time of having to reorganise Varsity after the sudden date change, Cricket are back on track and doing in for the kill. The women's last Varsity was a success, what with beating CCCU in the summer. Can they do it again?

Women’s Cricket – Jordan Garland (Captain)

I’m super excited but nervous. It’s my first varsity as captain, so I’m feeling the pressure. We’ve won indoor varsity three consecutive years so far so we’re definitely in high spririts! Despite losing to them in our BUCS game, we’re back and in it to win it. Our winning quality is the team itself, we play incredibility well together. Every player brings their own talent and quality the team! I have every faith in my team, we’ve put in the training hours and massively deserve a win.

One word for Varsity: Compelling

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