Women's Lacrosse are hungry for victory in Varsity

Photo taken by Emily Heath (head of photography)

"Our team stays hungry. We want those goals, we want to prevent goals being scored. "

In the run up to Varsity, the 1st Team Captain of the Women's Lacrosse Varsity team gives InQuire her thoughts on how the match will go. Let's just say, she's hungry for a win...

“I’m excited to be one of the front faces for InQuire’s Varsity Newspaper. I’m often in the background and haven’t been in the front foreground before. It’ll be great to get Women’s Lacrosse out there in regards to Varsity. We are going into it with no losses. Varsity is also a BUCS game, so it’s a little more added pressure.

I’m feeling really confident in our group of girls for the Varsity squad. We get along really well, training is so much fun and we can have a laugh! Nobody takes anything too personally. Everyone understands where I’m coming from when coaching. They listen. It’s just, great. We can read each other really well based off of hanging out at trainings and socials.

The season is going really well, especially for the 1st team. We’ve had six games and six wins, plus we’ve got through to the cup round, so I’m very happy with it. The team has gelled well. The 2nd Team have improved a lot and we have some great development players. It’s nice to see the girls in the club play together.

We now have five teams instead of two to integrate the teams. Our 1st and 2nd teams train together on Monday and Tuesday, and then the other three teams on Sunday. Then we give match play to each, through BUCS and friendlies. We like to play against each other for challenges and to up our game.

We won Varsity in my first and second year. I believe we’ve never lost Varsity for Women’s Lacrosse, so let’s keep up that streak. We had a huge goal difference two years ago, which was 31-1. It was impressive. I’m looking to beat that or get close.

I’m in it to win it. I’m not going to lie or sugar coat it. As 1st Team Captain, this is what you look forward to all year. Varsity is a completely different atmosphere. It’s about winning and have those bragging rights. I do like the friendly competition as well.

Our team stays hungry. We want those goals, we want to prevent goals being scored. We keep it within friendly boundaries. We are so hungry to stay undefeated. We do not take a minute off from the game. We play by the rules, but we want to win.

I think we’re going to win. Let’s stay confident. CCCU know we want to be undefeated. If I had to sum up Varsity in one word, I would say ‘fun’. The energy is high, it’s hard to describe in one word.

Lacrosse is such a big family atmosphere. Everyone gets along. We usually start at the same level, so it’s nice to learn with everyone else. That’s why I joined. Why I’m still here. You gel so much as a team. We go the library together. We may not get work but, we have fun.”

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