Why everyone should get involved in Varsity

Varsity is not just for sports teams. It’s for everyone, whether you’re competing or supporting. The event has been extended out to more societies, with Dance and Pole Fitness now competing. E-Varsity has also begun, which is hoping to be included next year into the Varsity programme. Varsity is changing, and looking to interest everyone in competing in what they love.

So, why should you get involved with Varsity? Easy. I could give a million reasons. But, I’ll give you five.

1. Team-Spirit

When watching a match, you feel a sense of pride and team spirit for your team. Win or lose, getting behind a team you support bonds you with other people who also supports your team. Engaging in mutual support will boost your happiness levels.

2. You might find something you love

Whether it’s sport or society based, going along and watching a game you’ve never seen before could help you find something new that you love. Never seen tennis? Watch a match and see how it goes. Interested in swimming? See if you like it! If not, then it’s only an hour out of your term, and you’ll learn something anyway.

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3. You don’t have to be good at sport to watch sport

You can engage and find a love with sport without having to even move. A lot of people resort to this when watching football. Many who watch football would never dream of playing football, and it’s the same with all sports.

4. University experience

It’ll heightened your university experience. You may bond with people at matches, ask questions about what you don’t understand, make new friends. The possibilities are endless. But getting involved with Varsity is a huge part of a university experience. Don’t miss out.

5. Fun

Above all, Varsity is a lot of fun. The wins, the losses, the laughter. Go crazy and fully enjoy yourself.