Kent Union Election 2019: Candidates announced

February 12, 2019

The students standing as candidates for Officer, Trustee and Network Chair roles in the Kent Union Leadership Elections 2019 have been announced.


On Monday February 10 at 12 o’clock noon, the nomination closed, and it is now down to you, the student, to decide which of the 46 candidates should represent the 20,000 UKC students in the 2019/20 academic year.


This year’s election is poised to be one of the most important and consequential in recent times, with the introduction of 4 new full-time sabbatical roles – Student Engagement, Postgraduate, Welfare and Community, and Academic Experience.


With the election less than two months away, the field of candidates — with a range of backgrounds — has become large, with four candidates in the race to become president and 42 others running for part-time and full-time officer positions.


Incumbents, society executives, faculty representatives and students with no formal experience in Kent Union are part of this year’s roster. Among them; a student media volunteer, a charity fundraiser and a maths PhD student.


Voting opens Monday 4 March and closes on Friday 8 March at 13:00. The candidates' manifestos will be available from 22 February.


You can find out what the candidates will be participating in this election and how you can get involved here:’s-2019-Leadership-Elections


Here's a look at the students who have thrown their hats into the ring;


Photos by Oliver Trapnell (Photographer) and Emily Heath (Head of Photography)


Full-Time Officer



  • Arrun Sivagnanam (Economics with Politics Student)

  • Connor Hanagan-Morrissey (Labour Society Secretary)

  • Lauren Thynne (Team Kent Executive Committee Member)

  • Sasha Langeveldt (Current Kent Union Vice-President Activities)


VP Student Engagement


  • Adam Youseman (UKC Society Executive)

  • Emily Window (Current Vice-President Sport)

  • Kirby Talines Carmona (KTV Entertainment Coordinator)    

  • Moronkeji Banjoko (Current Kent Union BME Officer)


VP Postgraduate Experience



  • Laura Carlin (Vice-President of RAG)

  • Meidili Moothia (Postgraduate Taught Social Sciences Faculty Rep)

  • Thomas Rowe (Student Trustee, Postgraduate Taught Student Rep)

  • Valeria Minisini (Postgraduate Taught Student Rep Politics)

  • Allana Bailey (Postgraduate Taught Computing Student Rep)

  • Floris Claassens (Postgraduate Research Sciences Faculty Rep)


VP Academic Experience


  • Justina Kapociute (Accounting and Finance student)

  • Sean Kennair (Psychology School Rep)

  • Victoria Saward-Read (President Kent Classics & Archaeology Society (KCAS))

  • Julia Suter (Politics and IR student)


VP Welfare & Community



  • Omolade Adedapo (Current Vice-President Welfare)

  • Emma Sampson (President of Jewish Society)


Part-Time Officers


Student Trustee

  • Aarish Hyder

  • Muhammad Abdullah


Sustainability Network

  • Carolyn Postlethwaite

  • Eske Eilts        


Societies Network

  • Felicia Dean   

  • Macklin Wilson          

  • Sasha Allen     

  • Yoginni Gopal


Volunteering Network

  • Connor Gilronan        

  • Robert Land   


International Network

  • Artem Ivakhnenko     

  • Muhammad Abdullah

  • Riya Jogani

  • Sakshi Mehta 

  • Shubham Mishra

  • Siwar Aldaoud


Students with Disabilities Network

  • Philip Crocker


Womens Network

  • Riya Jogani     


BAME Network

  • Stephen Kamara        


LGBTQ+ Network

  • Sasha Allen


UG Sciences Faculty Rep

  • Connor Meringolo     

  • Ethan Basso   


UG Humanities Faculty Rep

  • Robert Mackinnon                 


UG Social Sciences Faculty Representative

  • Kristina Sandeva


UG Social Sciences Faculty Representative

  • Yoginni Gopal  


For more information about Kent Union, read our guide at

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