Trampolining are bouncing for Varsity

February 12, 2019

"We lost last year, but only just, so even more determined for a clear win this year" - Selina Stroud


As a much anticipated Varsity draw close, Trampolining are excited to battle CCCU for the winning title. Although they do not compete in BUCS, trampolining have had a very progressive season. 


Selina Stroud (President):

"We are super excited for varsity this year, the whole team is training hard and hoping to give it their best. Our recent successes at competitions in Bath and Cambridge have made us all even more ready to go out and win! 

We lost last year, but only just, so even more determined for a clear win this year. We are definitely high in team spirit, we often face CCCU at competitions and usually perform stronger as a team so this is another chance for us to show our strength. Ultimately, we are in it to win it, but Trampolining isn't known for being an aggressively competitive sport, so we will be friendly throughout the comp!

We have a lot of new faces taking part this year, with only a few returners. I think this means we are approaching it fresher this year! So much amazing new talent has joined this year, and we are incredibly lucky to be having them take part!


One word to sum up Varsity: Spirit (team spirit if I'm allowed two words...)!


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