Top 10 Sports for couples

Holding hands. Friendly competition. Sounds romantic. Until you skid on that huge patch of ice. Or end up whacking someone in the head with your golf stick. Here are the Top 10 Sports to do as a couple, with pros and cons to both, ready for Valentines day. Single or not, here are some great couple sport! Drag along a friend, bring your boy to the next event

1. Ice skating A classic sport known for couples and first dates. But, is it less romantic than one may think? Pros

  • Physical touch - holding hands and being close with your loved one

  • Easyish to get to - there's rinks all around London which is easy to get to from canterbury

  • Lots of fun - once you get the hang of it!

  • Funny - if you're happy to laugh at your clumsy self


  • Sweaty hands - not so romantic

  • Falling over - not quite the gracefulness you were going for, plus you're left with a wet patch on your jeans for the rest of the day

  • Expensive - ice skating can cost about £10 each, yikes

  • Cold - now why do people choice to go ice skating in winter? Surely cold + cold isn't the best equation?

2. Rollerblading Similar to ice skating, but minus the freezing cold degrees and it's more accessible. Plus, you could totally rock those roller-blades! Pros

  • Fun - music pumping, how can you go wrong


  • Sweaty skates - post rollerblading, imagine the feeling of taking those skates. If you don't mind sweaty sock, then go for it.

3. Trampolining Get those endorphins going with some mega fun exercise! Trampolining is great because it gets your entire body moving plus you're having fun Pros

  • A lot of fun - you'll be laughing together

  • Compeititve - who can jump the highest, who will fall first?


  • Expensive - £12 a session at Jump Giants

  • Non-accessible - they only have them in London and aren't as near train stations

  • Hair - it'll go everywhere, your mouth, you eyes

4. Jogging For those who actually want to get super fit and are slight sport freaks, jogging if the one for you. It's free, fun and you can wear fab gym clothes Pros

  • Running gear - Nike, Puma, flash those sporting outfits

  • Free - costs nothing and can be done anyway

  • Time - can take as long or as little as you like! Who knows, you could even run to the coffee shop together, and then have a catch up?


  • Sweaty - you can't avoid it, running is tough work

  • Conversation - ever tried to have a chat while running? It's not pretty

  • Music - personally, I can't run without music in, so if I go on jogging dates then I still have to play tunes. Which can be seen as anti-social...

5. Badminton For those who want something that can be done at home, this is perfect! Pros

  • Reusable - badminton sets can be brought from Amazon, £12 which is good value

  • Skillful - you'll improve the more you play and develop a skill


  • Weather - must be played outdoor, so it's a much better sport in summer with nice weather

  • Lack of omp - can get boring after about half an hour, but that's potentially personal opinion. Doesn't give you the energy kick the others do.

6. Pool Easily accessible and fun, pool is a good one for teaching! Whether it's you or your partner who knows the rules, you can have fun teaching them something new. Pros

  • Accessible - all over campus there are pool tables, woodys, Hut8, K-Bar, go wild!

  • Quick - you can end it whenever you like

  • Cheap - £1 a go is decent!


  • Get old quick - if you're not into pool, then you'll probably get bored quickly

  • Competitive - a pro and a con, but you can end up having arguments if you get too into it. Think Monica in Friends when she plays Ping Pong

7. Boating/Punting

A good summer activity to give a go, as boating is really good for upperbody strength and is also relaxing for the one not rowing Pros

  • Accessible - there are boating places all around Canterbury! Punting&Co, ect, go wild!

  • Steamy - cuddling up in the back of a boat? Sounds perfect for valentines day!


  • Who's going to row - if both of you want to sit back and relax or both of you want to take hold of the ores, you'll end up arguing. This is a good one if you share the load and rewards, or one of you prefers one to the other. Go on girls, grab those ores and show them what you're made of! Or, get someone to do it for you...

  • Expensive - probably the most expensive suggestion, hiring a boat is not cheap

8. Golf Ever seen those American movies where the couple goes on a mini-golf date? if that turns you on, then do it! Pros

  • Ability doesn't matter - if you're good, they'll be impressed. If you're bad, they'll laugh

  • Non-sweaty - golf is one of the few sports where you can wear almost anything (expect heels, and still weather dependent), so dish out your best date clothes


  • Expensive - there's a slight trend here

  • Non-accessible - I don't even know where the nearest golf course is

9. Watching What we mean by this, is spectating together! Watch a football match, support a tennis game, go wild! Pros

  • Accessibility - there's a sports game always on at kent, Wednesdays is game day and Varsity is coming up, so get cosy watching a sport!

  • Free - no price, just go straight in and use that money on some hot drinks


  • Weather - apart from indoor matches, a lot of sport is dependent on weather. Who wants to sit in the freezing cold for an hour?

  • Space - sometimes seats fill up, so you have to think ahead.

  • Interest - may be tricky finding a sport you both like

  • Group - can be a fun group date if you're a bit nervous with your partner.

10. Sex A controversial statement here (that'll probably end up on KentFess), but sex has been branded a form of sport/activity as it burns 4.5 calories per minute. So, it's included in this list for that reason. As long as your safe, that is!


  • Fun - I mean, it's sex so come on?

  • Free - no bold statements here

  • Accessible - all you need is a bed


  • Over fairly quickly - obviously dependent on the individual, but sex lasts an average of 19 minutes, which is shorter than all the other sports suggested

  • Looking 'nice' - if your key to a date/activity with your partner is dressing up, putting on your best face, brushing your hair and making an effort, then maybe this one isn't for you because all your hard work will be appreciated for a minute before going straight into it.

  • Pregnancy and STIs - should only only be done when under protection, so unless you have a condom or a form of contraception, it's unlikely a good idea

  • If you prefer group dates/double dates, then maybe this isn't for you either...

For those singletons out there:

You can still do all of these things, just as a group! I'd recommend bowling, swimming or a group gym class! Kent Sport is hosting a Burlesque class...